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Our Story

Hi, our names are Joe & Jo, your local Micro-farmers! We feel truely privilaged to be growing good food for our Blue Mountains Community. We began Urbavore as an urban Micro-farm on our suburban block in Springood.


Our aim was to grow an abundance of healthy food to feed our family and local community. While we still farm in Springwood on our suburban block, our passion for growing lead us to begin an additional  ¼ acre market garden in St. Clair at the Historic Mamre house homestead. 


Our focus is to revive a truly local food supply, selling exclusively to our Blue Mountains Community providing genuinely local, fresh, organic and seasonal produce, from our farm to your door. We grow and harvest all of the produce that we sell, mostly within 24 hours or less of pickup or delivery. Often, we harvest the same morning that you receive your produce. Our mission is to supply the freshest produce possible to our community.


Our farming philosophy is focussed on building a healthy community and habitat. We farm on a human scale, using hand tools, compost and low tillage methods to regenerate and build healthy soils and biodiversity, which in turn grows nutrient dense produce that is chemical free and healthy for our community. 


An important aspect to what we do is to offer educational opportunities for people who want to learn more about growing their own food. With more than 30 years of combined experience in education and 15 years experience in growing food, Jo and I love sharing our learning journey to inspire others to grow more. 


You can share in our story by subscribing to our mailing list and purchasing our organic produce, booking into our Micro-farming workshop, or simply by following our journey on social media.


Together we can build a strong and healthy food economy for our local community.

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